About Us

Message from the CEO

The history of manufacturing at Tamachi parallels the history of automobiles. Inducted into the Japan Automobile Hall of Fame, Sukeo Ohta's enchantment by airplanes that flew in the sky fed a passion to fulfill his dreams, using solely Japanese technology to complete the water-cooled four cylinder engine followed by an automobile body 100 years ago.
The company debuted as an automobile manufacturer, paving the roads of Japanese automobile history and producing a number of engineers who went on to build the foundations of Japanese compact cars driven today.

Even amidst the confusion of World War, Sukeo Ohta's third-born son Sukeshige improved available technology and established his own company after the war. Starting with lightweight trucks, he produced the Kurogane Baby, and received an order from the Second Japan Grand Prix race to handle tuning for a Toyota car. Tamachi assisted as Toyota won the race despite many drawbacks.

Built on passion and responsibility inherited from years of Tamachi Industries manufacturing, current CEO Kunihiro Ohta has championed a Warrior's Code of Manufacturing in his leadership of Tamachi Industries, Ltd.

The Warrior's Code of Manufacturing is application of the seven virtues the Japanese people hold ideal, as interpreted for the world by Inazo Nitobe: justice, bravery, benevolence, etiquette, truth, loyalty and honor to the field of manufacturing. They create a company and employee spirit that satisfies customers and wins their trust.

To reflect these Seven Virtues in a part we are requested to manufacture, we first have to make a weapon of the latest equipment combined with the engineering knowledge and skill mastery to utilize it.
In the racing and prototype world, where many custom items are required, Tamachi can use such a weapon to make any critical item never manufactured, as well as high precision or high-difficulty item in a short time.
Grateful for the opportunity to create such important parts, we bravely tackle the challenge of unmapped technology, work hard to make the best parts, and use highly precise measuring devices to guarantee the quality we deliver to our customer's hands.
Not only do we meet the deadlines we promise to meet, we make suggestions to help the customer understand quality and costs and are pleased to be of help at any time.
In recently years, the technical expertise we earned in the racing industry has launched us into the medical and social welfare-related sectors, where the Warrior's Code of Manufacturing is also very relevant.

We believe this spirit is still alive and well in other places in Japan outside our company, but are particularly aware of and protect it at Tamachi Industries.