Medical Equipment

Bringing items needed for clinical trials to life with design skill and ultrafine grinding technology.
Tamachi is a powerful ally in medical instrument development.


When we were asked several years ago for a machining proposal from a medical instrument manufacturer of stents, we immediately answered in the positive. The conversation took shape and we installed an expensive microscopic laser machine as the first step to attempt to make stents for the medical instrument industry.
Stents are Class 4 Specially Controlled Medical Devices in Japan. Few medical instrument manufacturers conduct all processes up to metals machining in-house, and there are almost no factories in Japan that can manufacture stents. We felt our metalworking expertise could contribute positively in this field.
Medical instrument manufacturers now regard Tamachi Industries as producers of some of the highest quality bare stents in the world.
Each month, we receive orders for over 500 stents to deliver as parts to medical instrument manufacturers for use in finished products. Research is advancing on some products scheduled for market release in a few years.

Opportunities in medical instrument development

Submitting products for exhibition at medical society meetings and attending medical field events and seminars enables Tamachi to create many close working relationships with doctors. Our careful attention to detecting the requirements for clinical trials sometimes becomes the kernel of development in collaborative research. We hope to continue expanding the range of medical instruments with which we work.
We get an idea from doctors under immense pressure and then work tirelessly to create a trial product. When a product takes shape, we ask doctors to evaluate it, and listen to them again for feedback to expand the product concept even further.
In the past, we thought the world of doctors and the world of our factory were different. Now we work in a new world where medicine and industry collaborate for mutual benefit. Most doctors in Japan desire faster, more precise treatment methods for their patients. Ongoing effort to make that happen at Tamachi Industries will be the driving force that propels Japan's medical instruments industry forward.