Automotive Parts

Cam shaft, cylinder head, cylinder block, etc.
  • Cam shafts for mainly motor sports
    Machining and chill casting
    Capacity to machine up to dimple radius 32.5 (32.5 or less by separate consultation)
  • Cylinder heads and cylinder blocks
    Able to manufacture from raw forging materials via collaboration with affiliates
  • Connecting rod machining and forging
3D Fully-machined parts
  • Engine gear cover
  • Oil pan
  • Cylinder head porting
  • Air fan funnel
  • Surge tank
  • Transmission case
  • Transmission gear
  • Cam cover
  • All types of head machining
  • Engine block machining
  • Throttle body
  • Fuel delivery pipe
  • Stelian gear box
  • Drive shaft

Design and manufacture of labor-saving machines

  • Label-affixing devices
  • Climbing tree pruning equipment
  • Manufacture of cam shaft prototypes for research and development
  • Manufacture of all types of parts for use in prototype development
  • Semiconductor special jig parts
  • H2 rocket valves
  • Artificial bone field
  • Original product planning and sales
  • Thin cast iron parts

Design and manufacture of medical instruments

  • Manufacture of laser machined stents (20μ cut width)
  • Manufacture of titanium parts
  • Artificial bone field
  • 3D forceps
  • Auto-tracking walking assistance device