Bringing the prototypes of product development
to life with world-class processing technology.

At Tamachi Industries, we have the world-class technology to support prototypes of products developed for our customer. Each person on staff works with the customer's need constantly in mind to find the optimum solution.
Annual orders for product prototypes number over 5,000. We also make engine parts for top-level automobile races (such as F1, Super Formula, and Super GT), and provide metalworking technology that demands machining at the ultraprecision level: from rocket valves for the H2 rocket made in Japan to microscopic medical instruments that require micron-level processing.


Full range of support from design support and manufacture of generation 0 prototypes to production line setup

At Tamachi, we are fully prepared to assist our customers in as many of the stages of the product development process as possible. From discussion about man-hours required to machine a certain design to manufacture of intermediate products used to test a production line in the final stages of productization, we assist in all stages of the process. For customers who want to optimize design to reduce the man-hours needed for machining, we make proposals to do so wherever possible without compromising strength and function.

Technical Sales Style / Work Calendar with Delivery as Job One

The majority of Tamachi's customers are designers who are always busy. So to make the best use of planning time, we ensure that Tamachi salespeople are able to communicate with the customer at nearly the same knowledge level as factory staff. At meetings with our sales department, the customer can refer to schematics so that discussions are efficient and necessary information is provided.
We also create a work calendar keeping the customer's busiest periods in mind so that we can always deliver in the shortest time.

Business Calenadar

Fine-tuning department

A product machined exactly according to its schematic is certainly a product that satisfies a need based on this one simple fact. But at Tamachi, we believe that thoroughly finishing a product requires attention to detail in even the places out of plain sight.
Take the deburring work that is inevitable in the machining process as one example. Instead of thinking of this task as simply removing burring, we view it as “fine tuning” for the purpose of achieving higher precision in a part that already conforms to the design schematic. So we created an independent Fine-tuning department where staff thoroughly finish a product in even the places that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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