Quality Control

Endless Pursuit of Quality

50% Machining & 50% Inspection

These numbers have two meanings.

One meaning is to invest at a ratio of 50% machining and 50% testing for everything from facilities, human resources and internal rules to provide the highest quality machined products at all times. It is the reason that people who have toured our factories comment on the large numbers of testing machines: compared to most factories, we maintain a high ratio of testing machines, and is the reason for the unique factory layout at Tamachi Industries.
The numbers are also indicator related to machining procedure in which detailed testing is performed even in mid-stage (50%) machining to maintain a high quality levels and meet the customer's deadline.
Conducting testing after a certain amount of processing is complete eliminates reworking, minimizes waste in materials costs and time and enables delivery of the highest quality machined products on time.
At first glance, this mid-stage testing appears to slow progress by entering the testing process at each machining stage, but at a "factory" where multiple prototype machining processes have to be carried out concurrently, we believe it is important to prevent mistakes and guarantee stable progress according to a reliable schedule.
"50 Machining & 50 Inspection" is the critical rule that makes this possible at Tamachi Industries.

The 5 Basic Tamachi Rules

No matter how well equipped a company is, mistakes occur if there are not human operators with honed skills who carefully handle the machines. We established The 5 Basic Tamachi Rules that describe an ideal mindset to prevent mistakes, and post it at every site to remind all our staff.

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